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        TR-900 SPO2 Monitor
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        Technical specification
        Classifications of Electric shock guard: Class I, mixed type with B and BF
        Liquid-proof extent: general hermetically sealed instrument, not having
        the function to prevent the liquid access
        Operating mode: continuous process.
        ◆ This patient monitor with multi-function can be widely used to monitor 
        of Neonates, pediatrics, and adults. User also can choose different
        parameter configuration according to requirements.
        ◆ The CO2 and SpO2 waveforms are displayed on a TFT LCD with high
        resolution. The patient monitor can ward SPO2, PR, and ETCO2 of the
        patients'  vital parameters at the same time.
        ◆ It can store and check the list of SPO2 and CO2.
        ◆ Review 44 screens of CO2 waveforms and 80 screens of SPO2
        ◆ It can store 96 hours statistic data of CO2 and SPO2.
        ◆ It has plug and play CO2 module, mainstream and sidestream of CO2
        module can be exchanged optionally
        ◆ The special SPO2 measuring device assures of high accuracy of
        SPO2 and Pulse rate values.
        ◆ It has ample setup of the alarm limit. It has a function to work with
        defibrillator and pacemaker.
        ◆ If used for pediatrics exclusively: unique separately measuring modes
        of neonates and pediatrics, initial inflating cuff pressure is respectively:
        Pediactrics  (120mmHg) and  Neonates (70mmHg) ;   it ensures  the
        reliability to a certain extent, the security of patients and the accuracy
         of measuring data during warding .


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